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Light and Shadow

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Cover rendering

A single render image is just what every project need, slap it on the cover sheet, Voilà, we got you covered! 

1. Cover Sheet Image copy.png

Let's show more than the front face, at least the back too, then also the sides. Oh and, don't miss a shot of that state of the art lobby. How about inside out, why not? 

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 9.49.54 PM.png


Specially for a large development, video is an excellent mean to picture the project in motion, beautifully inspire everyone on the team of the vision. A glimpse into the reality before it happens in time. 

1. Cover Sheet Image copy.png

Job Site Banner

Everyone driving by is curious of what's behind the fence so kindly please let the neighbors know what's we're building, half of the marketing work could be done by the power of this banner. 

2.0 Job Site Signage .png

Before the technical drawings come, design idea best to show itself in diagram, schematic drawing, comprehensive illustration of sections & plans, 3D massing & diagram, and more. Here we got the tool and the mind to tailor a presentation for your project to meet your need, produce a set of presentation package to get you off from computer time working on .Ai, .psd or .indd files. 

to 7 copy_edited.jpg

3D Modeling

Don't miss the perspective that 3D offers, adding vector Z to XY is simply our job. Just send us your hand sketch, scan, pdf, Autocad or whatever 2D, we will raise it from the ground of floor plan, export under BIM file so you can even open and easy navigate on your mobile device, with that we could also produce section drawings, 3D floor plans, more rendering as you wish. 

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 9.40.24 PM.png


The Menu

Cover Render: $ 350 ea.

(4 days turn-around)

Job Site Banner: $ 200 ea.

(4 days turn-around)

As a graphic design work, rendering image or illustration of project will be priced separately 

Rendering Set: $ 300 ea.

4 days + turn-around, depend on number of images

Design illustration: $ 200 per page.

(4 days + turn-around) based on one drawing or diagram per page.

Animation: $ 2,000 per video.

(8 days + turn-around)

Something Else

Got something else for us? Send over your task list, let's discuss, we'll give you an proposal. 

3D Modeling:

(8 days plus turn-around)

Building (gross sf):

up to 300 LOD (BIM level of detail)  

2,000 sf under : $3,000

2,000 to 5,000: $ 4,000

5,000 to 10,000: $ 5,000

10,000 - 20,000: $ 7,000

20,000 - 100,000: $10,000

100,000 above: $1 per 10 sf  

Site & topography: 

1 acre under: $ 600 

1-2 acre: $ 1,000 

2-5 acre: $ 2,000

5 acre above: $ 200 ea. addition acre

Landscape design & site feature:

$ 25 per hour


☺️ Free 2 draft for review and feedback. Each additional revision is 25% of the original rate.

☺️ All price based on project of 10,000 sf gross or under. Larger project is additional 20% rate per 10,000 sf increment  (Except for interior rendering & modeling work)


☺️ We offer comradeship discount for bulk order  

☺️ Completion time might varies depending on the complexity of project model, special requested level of detail or realistic. Expedition is available with a premium rate. 

Question? Let us know! Happy to answer for you!

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